Less than a Month Until GEOINT 2011

September 26, 2011

The Culture of San Antonio
From a vibrant art community that reflects the rich history and culture of the area, to some of the best cultural institutions, events, restaurants and nightlife in South Texas, San Antonio is a premier destination. Be sure to check out this listing of pretty much every cultural event happening in this great city.

The San Antonio Underground Film Festival
San Antonio has a thriving film scene and its San Antonio Underground Film Festival shines a light on some true indie movie talent, while also nurturing, fostering, and developing filmmakers of all ages. Although the film festival happened in June, be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s event.

San Antonio’s Indie Music Scene
It’s easy to forget that many other parts of the country having thriving music scenes. Sorry Brooklyn, you are definitely not the only player in town when it comes to great independent music. From groups like Snowbyrd, Burning Nopal and Leo Goes Grr, there is plenty of innovate music happening in this town. If you really want to have your finger on the pulse, be sure to check out Juan Hernandez’s Indie Music Examiner column here.

San Antonio’s Contemporary Art Month
Every March, San Antonio celebrates Contemporary Art Month (CAM), where local artists and curators present the best the community has to offer at galleries, museums, performing arts spaces, schools, restaurants and stores. Be sure to check out more here.

Texas Less Traveled
If you are looking for the official online destination for finding out about the secret gems of Texas, then we highly recommend you check out Texas Less Traveled. From remote beaches, hip hotels to underground dining, this site has it all.

Local Indie Band Snowbyrd
To give you a little taste of the musical talent coming out of San Antonio, see a video by local heroes Snowbyrd. We hope you enjoy.